Tom Hardy – Workout Tips and Tricks

We’ve all seen the Dark Knight Rises, and we’ve all thought the exact same thing: “How can I get me a set of traps like Bane?”. He’s a monster, there’s no doubt about it. But how did he get that way? I’ve tried to find Tom Hardy’s specific workout routine that he did in order to… Read More »

Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Keeping the Spine Happy

At one time or another we’ve all experienced that annoying lower back pain that inevitably affects our training. The fact is that with a sore back you just don’t feel as strong, and in turn your workouts suffer. I’m going to outline some tips that will hopefully help you alleviate your pain, but before I… Read More »

Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding – Yes There’s A Difference

They both involve massive individuals lifting heavy poundage, how different could they really be? In a word, quite. Put simply, the difference is that a powerlifter’s goal is to be as strong as possible, while the bodybuilder wants to look as strong as possible. A Quick History Lesson Bodybuilding made an appearance on the scene first in… Read More »

There’s a Reason Your Knees Hurt While Squatting

When I first began working out, I had rather unpleasant knee pain after every leg workout and I had no idea why. I wondered if it was some pre-existing sports injury or if I was just unlucky. I began to notice the more I squatted, the more it hurt. It eventually got so bad I considered… Read More »

How to Train Abs Everyday

Have you ever heard your gym buddy or someone in your gym saying that it’s bad for you to train abs everyday? You may have also heard this person saying such things as,  “Nope bro, full moon is tonight. NO WAY we can do cardio. Let’s hit bi’s”. Both of these statements are completely untrue. (Unless… Read More »